Christie's Clothing

Men’s Denim

Nothing lets you kick back and relax than a good fitting pair of denim jeans from Christie’s Clothing in Collingwood. For this season ALBERTO shows a finely staged series of vintage-styled jeans that combine authentic washes with pithy looks. 34 Heritage is a premium denim brand inspired by the Modern Gentleman, his pursuit of excellence in all things, and his desire to always be appropriately attired.

From contemporary styles to traditional fit, we’ve put together a collection of men’s jeans to go with you all summer! You’ll find names you know and trust like Heritage 34 and Alberto jeans that keep their shape at all times. Wearable, comfortable, and suitable for every occasion. We look forward to seeing you this winter season at Christie’s Clothing.

Christie’s Clothing
91 Hurontario Street, Downtown Collingwood